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Surgical Instructions


  • Eliminates pain, anxiety and stress.

  • Allows total comfort during a lengthy procedure.

  • Makes the patient unaware of the surrounding and the ongoing surgery

  • Is safe when administered by a trained professional

After surgery some patients experience nausea.  This feeling may be caused by the sedation drugs, swallowed blood or from ingestion of narcotic pain medication.  If the nausea persists into the next day, you should contact our office.


Some insurance companies reimburse for sedation while others do not.  Sedation fees are global and cover 30 minutes of sedation time.  After that, sedation time is billed in 15 minute increments to cover material/professional costs.  Intravenous antibiotics, if administered, will be billed separately.  Please feel free to ask questions.



  • No solid food for 8 hours before surgery.

  • Water only up to _____ hours before surgery.

  • Begin oral rinses with Peridex/ Listerine twice a day ______ days before your surgery.

  • Take your regular medications (high blood pressure etc.) with a small sip of water.

  • Stop taking the following medications before surgery _____________________________

  • If antibiotics have been prescribed, take the pills with a small sip of water I hour before procedure.

  • An escort, who can drive, must stay during the surgery and drive you home.

  • Do not plan to work or drive for 24 hours.

  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking narcotic pain medications.

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